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We are a MadLab Gym – What that means…

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What is so different about ChalkBox that you just can’t find elsewhere in town?

While we are a Crossfit Affiliate gym and we focus on functional fitness, we take it a few steps further! With the MadLab structure, extensively trained coaches (beyond Crossfit certifications), a mix of individual programming, group classes, and personal 1-1 training, we’ve filled in the gaps and traps many gym-goers elsewhere tend to run into.

At ChalkBox, we know that your individual goals will only be met with individual focus.

Great progress can be made in a strictly group setting, but there comes a point in which your personal goals are not focused on enough and workouts become too generalized. Which is why we focus primarily on Individual programming and offer group classes as a way to add variety, socialization, community motivation, and bring more fun into your training week.

Let us show you the difference.

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