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#TransformationTuesday- Don Bullis

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This transformation is TOO GOOD not to share!

Don joined us in February of this year and has made incredible strides in his journey in just 6-MONTHS! At 48 years old he’s smashing goals he never imagined possible before dedicating himself to- well, himself!

He even snagged the title of Athlete of the Month for June!

(Check out his Athlete Feature video here if you missed it! )

Don says, “The thing that motivates me most is when people notice the changes in my appearance and my health and overall attitude.

It was really difficult at first to come out of a sedentary lifestyle and start working out three times a week.  [But then] I started getting results and compliments from people and I really started to feel like I didn’t want to undo the hard work and achievements that I had gained.

Significant change comes by small degrees. You just got to get in there do the work and trust the process.

Going to ChalkBox is not like going to a conventional gym and trying to do it all on your own- you’re teamed up with trainers that know how to get the best results for your individual fitness level…”

Don is a testament to the fact that it is NEVER too late to start your fitness journey. Whether your concern is your age or current fitness level, ChalkBox Training will pair you up with a coach that will create a safe and effective program to ensure you reach your goals.

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