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The beautiful thing is, we are all different! 

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You want to hear something beautiful? Ready?

We’re all different!

Haha profound, right? Of course this probably seems like a “duh, Buffy” moment, but really. Think about it. We’re all different, from all walks of life, different backgrounds, different strengths, different weaknesses, different gifts, different talents, pretty much different everything. And that’s really cool. Because all these things are what make you, YOU! This seems like a completely ridiculous thing to bring up but in reality, too often we find ourselves wishing we were like someone else. Wishing we had their talents. Wishing we had their strengths. The whole time missing sight of our own talents and our own strengths!

This is coming from a very real place for me right now. I recently competed in my first RX competition and while I could not have been more excited and grateful for my partners, it’s hard not to see how strong they are and feel inadequate. In the words of Theodore Roosevelt, stop comparing yourself to others. “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

I try to keep this mindset when it comes to training, but it applies to pretty much everything in life. It’s too easy to look around and get discouraged by the abilities of others. So, stop!

•Take some time for self-reflection and think about/find your own strengths. You could even write them down as a reminder to yourself. And celebrate them!

•Work your weaknesses. It’s great to know your strengths, but it’s also important to know your weaknesses. Without acknowledging them, you can’t work on them and improve where you need to improve. Set up goals for yourself. Work on those weaknesses.

What if we celebrated our differences instead of being jealous of one another? What if we encouraged each other on our journeys instead of tearing one another down? I think something beautiful would grow.

My journey is my own personal journey. And yours is your own personal journey. But maybe, just maybe, I can inspire you along the way.

-Coach Buffy