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Suggested View- “Unprocessed-How I Gave Up Processed Food (And Why It Matters).”

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Many of our athletes incorporate what is considered a “Clean” Diet to compliment all the hard work they put in here at the gym. Sticking to fresh, unprocessed foods to fuel their bodies.

But we acknowlegde there are also many individuals who struggle to get that part down and thought this was a great video to help define what makes a food “Processed” by todays standards and how that impacts our bodies.

The caption to the original video reads…

“In January of 2012, Megan Kimble was a city-dwelling 26-year-old—busy and broke, living in a small apartment without so much as a garden plot to her name. But she cared about food: where it came from, how it was made, and what it did to her body. So she set herself a challenge: She would go an entire year without eating processed foods. In this talk, she discusses what makes a food processed and how those processes impact our bodies and communities.

Megan Kimble is the managing editor of Edible Baja Arizona, a local food magazine serving Tucson and the borderlands, and is a regular contributor to the Los Angeles Times. Her book, Unprocessed, about her year of eating only whole, unprocessed food, is forthcoming from William Morrow in 2015. Follow along at”

Take a few minutes to give it a watch and you may learn some new things, dispel a few myths, and find the key to why you may struggle to incorporate more nutritious food choices or switch to a Clean Eating lifestyle.

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