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Monday Motivation with Karen Charlton

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Let us introduce you to Karen. You may have actually wished her Happy Birthday last week!

Karen joined us this recent December and has been a wonderful addition to the ChalkBox family.

As a Life Flight Nurse and now also an Emergency Dept. Nurse in Portland, always on the go with varying hours and long shifts, Karen has proven herself as dedicated and invested in her health and fitness goals and has absolutely become an inspiration to those around her, in and out of the gym.

Check out what she has to say; “Since starting at ChalkBox in December of last year, I’ve had so many positive changes in my life. I started on my fitness journey about 11 years ago. I would do my thing at the gym but wasn’t really getting anywhere after an initial fat loss and muscle gain. Since December, I’ve been able to DO so much- it’s given me the confidence to try new things, to just try doing a new movement rather than saying “I can’t do that”. The other really big thing is the community I’ve gained. Having folks encourage me on the last rep, be a friendly hello as soon as I walk in the doors, checking in to make sure I’m ok when I haven’t been seen in a while keeps me coming back- as well as the results I’m seeing every week!”

Its been a joy watching Karen exceed her own expectations and step outside her comfort zone.

If you’re not seeing the results you’re striving for and feel like you’re just turning wheels, lets us help guide you! We take the guess-work out of the equation and give you a program tailored to your specific goals. Working closely with you every step of the way.

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