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Meet Jeff: February Athlete of the Month

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How has training at ChalkBox been a positive influence in your life? Before starting at ChalkBox I hated cardio and felt like I had no idea what I was doing in a gym.  I was maybe swimming once a twice a week, and really really really really out of shape when I started. I just feel so much better now!  I’m down at least 30 pounds and much stronger.  ChalkBox has dramatically improved my energy levels and my mood.  I feel so charged after working out in the morning!

What was your first “success” while training and how do you motivate yourself to keep working on goals? One of my favorite successes was finally doing hand stands—several months in the making.  Now my goals is to gets handstand walks (eventually). I stay motivated because I don’t want to go back to where I was. I remember just feeling exhausted and terrible all the time. I love the new me, and I’m going to keep pushing forward to see what else I can accomplish.

As long as I don’t stop there is nothing I can’t do. As long as I keep showing up I’ll keep making progress.

What is your favorite ChalkBox memory? I was back squatting a couple months ago, and accidentally forgot to take a plate off of one side when I was changing weight.  I ended up with an extra 10 pounds on one side, and as a result set a new PR purely by accident.  I realized it when I was done.  That’s what I get for working out before I have my coffee.  Math is hard at 6am!

What would you tell someone considering trying ChalkBox Training? Trust the system, Trust the coaches, listen to your body and don’t forget to stretch and roll out afterwards.  ChalkBox works, and its fun, and the coaches will help make sure your successful while lifting safely.

–Jeff Minden

Passion gets you started. Hope keeps you going. Persistence gets it done.