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Go Big

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My fifteen-year-old daughter and her friend decided they wanted to do something dangerous in preparation for their upcoming sixteenth birthdays.  Apparently, they didn’t think that obtaining their driver’s licenses was dangerous enough.  And so, we stood on a high suspension bridge one hundred and ninety feet over a narrow gorge.  Beneath us a creek rushed over the rocks. Beside us, the bungee cords and the winch.   The Jump Master helped the girls into their harness and explained the mechanics of the cords and what to do.

“Go big!”  The instructor said.  “You’re probably going to forget everything I said about the cords and that’s OK.  But if there’s one thing I want you to think about just before you launch yourself off the pad, is GO BIG!”

And then he demonstrated.  He stood on the lip of the bridge and flung himself out into the air.  We watched in awe as he fell 68.3 miles per hour on the way down and bounced 71.8 miles per hour on the way up.

Then it was my daughter’s turn.  “Nervous?”  I asked her.  She bounced up and down in her harness. “No!”  she said.

The Jump Master counted down, “three, two, one” and off she went in a Super Woman leap, whooping and hollering all the way down and all the way up.

I watched again in awe and this time with some pride.  That was my little girl flying through the air and no one had to tell her twice to go big.    And nothing could wipe the smile off her face.

Even though she’s fifteen (I know, I know—almost sixteen), she’s teaching me something about life.  We get one shot at it.  No sense in holding back, in playing it close to the chest. Go big and go without regrets.