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Fit-Dad Bryan Smith!

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Happy Monday ChalkBox fam!
Remember the awesome Fit-Mom highlights we did for Mothers Day week?!
We’re running the same thing for our awesome Fit-Dads this week!
We have a good handful of “Fit-Dads” amongst our athletes that are a prime example of dedication, persistence, and strength; Mentally, just as well as physically.
Today, let us recognize member Bryan Smith!
First and foremost, Bryan has been working with us only since March and is not only consistent but always pushes himself right up to his limits and then beyond! He knows his greatest obstacle is his own mind, so he comes in prepared to face his own self as his competitor, always walking away the successor.
As an involved Dad to 15 & 14 year old boys, loving Husband of 20 years, Student at WOU, and Verizon Wireless rep, its clear that Bryan has a packed schedule from sun-up to sun-down, BUT he has made a commitment and investment in himself to better his health and quality of life which is why he MAKES the time to chase his goals!
And we’re here to help make that a reality.
When asked what he’s learned about himself since beginning at ChalkBox, he says,
“1.) After God, I have to come first in my life.
Its my job to be emotionally, spiritually, and physically strong for my family. None of that happens in a vacuum. I have to do the work.
2.) Respect the process, because good things take time. I got out of the marine corps in ’98 and have subjected myself to a lot of neglect. Un-doing that neglect, and then making consistent improvements takes time.
3.) My biggest obstacle is between my own ears.”
Bryan, you are doing an absolutely fantastic job. We see it, and we hope you recognize it in yourself as well buddy! Keep up the great work and we’re certain to see your fitness soar!
Lets get chasing after your own goals!
Visit us at to set up your consultation and get started now!
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