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Athlete Feature – Magen Lowe

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Check. This. Girl. Out!

Magen joined us in February this year. While she’s super sweet and approachable, she is a FORCE to reckon with in the gym! She’s been smashing goal after goal after goal. Getting strong, sculpting her body, improving her mindset, and setting a fantastic example of strength as a woman to her two young girls.

She says, “I knew as a mom that I need to provide structure for my children. I strive on structure. This is one reason I love being a correctional officer. I knew what kind of life I wanted to build for my girls and I am working hard to make it happen. They deserve the best. As a mom I deserve to feel the best I can; my job relies on it, my kids rely on it. ChalkBox has opened my eyes to teaching me that it’s not being “selfish” to make something about me. I have adjusted to making myself a priority for the bigger picture of my life. I did not get into cross Fit to lose weight, but to be stronger and more energized. And its done just that. I have made progress in ways I didn’t ever think I could. Pull ups? Dips? Weights? Some things I had never tried in my life. And now I love it! I have a way to go; but I have years and years to keep progressing.”

“She believed she could, so she did.”

Magen, we are proud to have you at ChalkBox and are anxious to witness your progress to come! Keep Grinding!

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