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ChalkBox Training – ChalkBox Group Class


Warm-up (No Measure)

3 sets of 5 push-ups, 5 reverse lunge steps per leg, 5 ring rows, 5 golf ball pick ups per leg, 1 crab bridge for 10s. Then…

3 sets of 5 with an empty bar: straight leg deadlift, hang muscle clean, push jerk, bent over row

Mobility/Activation/Prehab: Shoulder


Jerk or Push Press

A1.) Jerk or Push Press – 6 sets of 3 reps, same weight across, 80-90%.


Bulgarian Split Squats

A2.) DB Split Squat – 6 sets of 6 reps, each side, same challenge with all sets.


“Guts and Butts” (Time)

Health: 2 rounds. Athletic: 3 rounds. Performance*: 4 rounds for time of:

50m Walking Lunge

50 Abmat Sit-ups

*Women’s “Performance” weights and reps (Rx)

Scaling Guide: 9 – 15 minutes, about 3-4 minutes per round. If you finish 2 rounds in under 8 min, do a third. If you finish 3 rounds in under 11 min, do a fourth.

Coaching Tips: You may want to wear knee sleeves if you have them to protect your knees. Make sure you keep the chest up and the knee over the front foot (not caving in). Do not push off the legs with the arms. Try to lunge fast and rest at the top when needed. Take short breaks on the sit ups and break them up often.


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

5:00 AMRAP – 10 push-ups, 15 kb swings


3 sets of 10-15 strict ring dips in a super set with 15 weighted glute bridges.