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Salem’s Premier Personal Training and Fitness Facility

You’re one in 6 billion. Your training should be, too. Here at ChalkBox Training, our focus is meeting your individual needs better than any other gym on the planet.

Everything we do is intrinsically tailored to you: from your initial Athlete Assessment, to your individualized training programs, to on-site services such as nutrition and stretch therapy. If you’ve been feeling lost in the crowd at your current gym, or feel like a sea of treadmills or generic classes just aren’t worth your time, you’re at the right place.

Don’t want to be shackled to a gym’s rigid schedule? We’ve got you covered with in-house and online training options so you can get fit on YOUR schedule. Plus, if you’re in an individualized program, you’re welcome to work out during all business hours, not just "open gym" time.

Your time is your most precious asset. Spend it on YOU with ChalkBox Training.

The best project you’ll ever work on is you

What are you waiting for?

Our Training Grounds

ChalkBox Training’s 5,000-square-foot facility is located in central Salem with easy access from I-5 and downtown. We’ve got all the tools, coaching and equipment you need to create the best health of your life and have a blast doing it.

All of our programs can be scaled to your needs - including personal training, individualized programming and small group classes - something no other box in the Salem area offers. Our in-house kitchen is perfect for prepping pre-workout power snacks and nutrition demonstration workshops. Come in and check us out -- you’re going to be blown away by what you find at the ChalkBox!

  • The atmosphere at ChalkBox is like no other. Joe and Sarah do an amazing job at coaching not only functional fitness, but also lifestyle skills and nutrition. I’ve already noticed a change in my body and overall wellness in less than a month! I can’t wait to see what happens next.

    Rachel Palmquist

  • Never did I think I could do functional fitness with my past injuries and MDs telling me to just accept my limitations. I've met many goals. There are so many more I want to reach. Thanks to the entire group for all your help!

    Stephanie Duncan

  • Joe and Sarah from ChalkBox are very good coaches! I’ve always done just weight lifting and was plateauing. I would be in the gym for hours and would barley even break a sweat. I went into ChalkBox for an assessment, and I was amazed how great of a workout I got from just using my own body weight. Joe pushes you to the next level! I wish I would have done it a long time ago! Another thing I really like about the ChalkBox, is that it feels like we are all family! I would recommend ChalkBox to anyone who is wanting to get into functional fitness, or to just get into better shape. Anything you are wanting to try to improve, Joe can help…

    Brady Dobson

  • Great environment, wonderful coaches that are really there for your personal growth. Great whether you are intermediate or advanced!

    Zach Kirk

  • At my age, fitness is more difficult to achieve, but the coaching I get from Joseph has helped me see past my age and focus on what I can do today.

    Virginia Adams

  • Joe is great to work with. If you want someone to push you and show you how to correctly lift or show you how to get to where you can correctly lift, you need to talk to him.

    Chris Caston